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Master student @ Sogang University

Hi! I am Eun Jeong (Alice),
My research interest is related to build and design system to improve online space creatively, positively, and collaboratively. I am exploring the latest online public social movements and improvements arising from their integration such as online discourse, memes, livestream, wikipedia. With the help of application supported by the AI and data driven approaches, I believe that personal, or the member of the public can give off their potentials.

Eun recieved Master of Arts and Science degree from the Department of Art and Technology at Sogang University. Before starting the academic life she worked as a digital contents director to communicate with social on web for about 3 years.

🌿 recent news

    [oct 17] I will participate in CSCW 2020 and CSCW 2020 social AR workshop! My teams project 'Wall-Doll' will be introduced in the workshop.
    [june 23] I join in KIXLAB as researcher! I will focusing on facilitating people to make structued online discussion with data driven design.


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I'm generally available for speaking events and some freelance work, so feel free to reach out.